The Quantum Man™️ Experience offers men a guided, transformational journey along the Arc of Masculinity. It is a challenging year-long journey. It is designed only for men who are able and willing to make a commitment to emotional, cognitive and spiritual growth.

The Quantum Man™️ Experience draws from psychology, psychoanalytic theory and practice, behavioral science, neuroscience, bio-energetics, anthropology, myth, mysticism, spirituality and quantum science. The Experience views everything -- all matter/energy -- as intrinsically and compassionately connected as an infinite sea, each drop instantly influencing and changing the whole for as long as the cosmos lasts.


The program incorporates three trainings. Each training lasts three or four days. After each training, the participants meet weekly, in “Progress Groups,” for up to twelve weeks. These meetings last two to three hours and are facilitated by staff following a planned curriculum. The curriculum is designed to help the men explore and integrate the lessons of the prior training; learn about the science, poetry and art of Mature Masculinity; and prepare for the next training. By the end of the third training, the men are initiated, individuated and integrated, living the lives they are meant to live.


All three trainings are physically rigorous, emotionally challenging, and cognitively intense. All three use processes such as dialogue and discussion, lecture, psychodrama, meditation, guided visualization, journaling and one-on-one and team exercises. Everything is designed and executed with physical, emotional and spiritual safety as the highest priorities. At the same time, men should expect to be invited to go beyond any self-imposed obstacles on their journeys.


The three trainings are Initiation, Embodiment, and Quantum Connection.


Initiation is the separation of the male from the Archetypal Feminine with which he has been enmeshed and entangled since conception. This entanglement must be broken if the male is to develop into a mature man. During this training, participants will test their physical and emotional limits. They will encounter their Shadow, the parts of themselves they suppress, hide and deny. They will find, and perhaps reinvent, themselves as men. They will forge within themselves the connection to the Archetypal Masculine, the transcultural, eternal energy in the Collective Unconscious that manifests in mature masculinity.

Embodiment directs men's focus to the bodies that sustain their spiritual being. Through demonstration, meditation, group work and individual process, men are introduced to breath and movement as the connection to Archetypal Masculinity; the varied wisdoms of the body; the layers and channels of energy; the neurophysiology of emotion, thought and intuition; the sensation of the energy of archetypes; the function of the heart as the central processing unit and the seat of connection; and the integration of the body with ambient space. Men learn to live with and through their whole bodies, their whole hearts, their whole selves.

Within secure spiritual and emotional boundaries men also reconnect with the Archetypal Feminine within themselves. They discover what it means to relate to the Feminine without deep infantile yearning for Mother’s sympathetic care.

Quantum Connection opens the door to active energetic engagement with the zero-point (cosmic) field. Through movement, mindfulness, meditation, visualization and other processes, men align themselves with the flow of quantum energy. In that alignment, with the sensation of being connected with the energy of everything, men can learn to act with great power and efficacy. (This is foundational to traditions of mystical wisdom, martial arts, and shamanic practice. Through this alignment it is possible to learn an extremely important lesson: his purpose on the planet. Much of this training will be devoted to this journey.)

The outcome is a man who is: initiated, aware of his Shadow, accountable, integrated, authentic, emancipated from Mother, able to manage his feelings without projection or blame, aware of his body's messages, energetically connected to the cosmos, and living with a transcendent purpose for the good of the universe.

Quantum Man™️ Experience

Coming Spring 2024

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