. . . a re-imagined masculine initiatory ritual and rite of passage that trains, educates, mentors and re-socializes men into new relationships with self, partner, family, community and cosmos. This is a spiritual awakening that aligns a man with the purpose of his life. Menswork is done by, with and for men.

Men who have done their Menswork...

  • Are dependable and steadfast
  • Take initiative
  • Have access to the full range of emotion
  • Recognize, embrace and contain their

    shadow (the destructive side of their psyches)

  • Have access to fierce and aggressive energy
  • Have access to gentle, empathic, compassionate energy
  • Are authentic
  • Have integrity -- they know and own who they are and are congruent in their feelings, thoughts and action
  • Are stewards and protectors of family, community, and the planet
  • Are generative not only in procreation but also in creativity, productivity and vision
  • Engage in sustainable, healthy relationships
  • Pursue callings during their lives focused on serving the best and highest interests of the global community, doing something that flows from and serves universal compassion and  benevolence.

In short, menswork is the work that must be done by, with and for men in order for them to manifest, and fulfill, the roles defined by the Archetypal Masculine.


Looking around at the condition of humankind on planet Earth, it is easy to see that mature men are in short supply. The human species is accelerating toward self- destruction. The evidence:

  • war
  • ongoing decimation of the planet’s environment
  • abuse and neglect of women and children
  • massive differences in wealth
  • governments shackled by the greed of corporate interests, and... 
  • profound declines in knowledge and wisdom as education systems at all levels are overwhelmed by ignorance and prejudice.

These threats persist because mature masculinity is fatally absent in the world. The world is full of little boys, adolescents, not separated from the Feminine, not connected to the archetypal energy of mature Masculinity, and not grown up to be men. The little boys have been in control. The multitude of threats facing the world make it clear: masculinity must be reimagined and reinvigorated. Menswork is the effort to manifest Archetypal Masculinity before civilization, culture, and the human species self-destruct.