The Menswork Institute logo reflects a future Masculine ideal of authentic embodiment of physical and emotional strength, balance, proportion, and cultural inclusion; the marriage of the humanities and science; the relationship between a man and his childhood; the hoped-for, never-ending regeneration of all life, including human life, in this spacetime; and humankind’s identity as simultaneously a minuscule part of the quantum field, and also the entire quantum field.


Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man (C.1490) is based on the artist's studies of human proportion, symmetry and balance, bridging the gap between art and mathematics, humankind and nature.

The Menswork Institute logo borrows Mr. Vitruvius to represent a universal masculine ideal in physical, emotional and spiritual proportion, balance, and strength. Admittedly, da Vinci intended the figure to be an anatomically perfect depiction of the European male body type. In our logo, the face and the tone of the skin are meant to represent an amalgam of all racial characteristics. The face's intense forward stare suggests it is examining itself in a mirror, or perhaps looking into an unknowable future in which the human gene pool manifests the humanity shared by all of humankind.

Leonardo’s drawing also represents a marriage of the humanities and science. Menswork Institute’s program – from initiation to quantum connection – manifests this marriage, incorporating myth, mysticism and poetry; psychology, physiology, anthropology and sociology; body work, heart work and soul work; and synchronicity, as well as ideas from quantum mechanics and post-materialist science.


The image of the boy in the body of the man represents the relationship between mature Archetypal Masculinity and the Archetypal Little Boy. It is a relationship of both separation and inclusion. The mature man must separate from the Feminine --  grow out of his childhood. He must struggle with and absorb his Shadow. He must come to acknowledge how he has been, and sometimes still is, driven by his little boy’s yearning for Feminine security, nurturance, mirroring and idealization. Ultimately, he must acknowledge his past in a caring, forgiving and loving way that frees him to be the man he is meant to be.


The man’s genitalia are covered by an image called a “fractal. A fractal is an infinitely self-repeating pattern. Every element of a fractal is virtually identical to every other element and, indeed, to the whole fractal, regardless of how zoomed in or zoomed out the point of perspective may be. This fractal represents the prayer that, despite all indications to the contrary, humankind and all humanity will be  regenerative. It also represents the generative and procreative character of the Sovereign, the King, within the Archetype of Mature Masculinity.


The man is surrounded by the symbol of the atom. This represents the "quantum field", which is the field of energy of which all things are made and in which all things exist. It also reminds us of the quantum reality that everything is connected, that all of existence is a unity. It recalls the particular element of the energy field called the Collective Unity. It recalls the particular element of the energy field called the Collective Unconscious which holds the memories, dreams, hopes, aspirations and Shadow of all humankind, past, present and future. Finally, it is a symbol that humankind and every person have access to tremendous power-the power of the entire universe-to use to change the world for good.

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