what is menswork?

At the soul of menswork is the vision, the intention, the bequest of an interconnected, generative, compassionate and just universe.

Menswork is...

  • The work a man must do to achieve mature masculinity, thrive as a man, and discover his calling in life.
  • A path to inner peace, confidence and productivity.
  • An anchor in authenticity against 'fake facts', bullying, abuse, and shame.
  • Preparation for the quantum world and a path to spiritual inter-connection.
  • The commitment to manifesting Archetypal Masculinity before civilization, culture and the human species self-destruct.str


menswork institute programs



Learn how Menswork with Menswork Institute will help you explore, ground and empower your unique masculinity.

Dissatisfied with your life as a man?

Ashamed to express your masculinity?


relationship issues?

Eager to find purpose in your life?

Talk with us to find a path to clarity and action.



What is masculinity? Is it toxic? Where does it come from?

Why does it matter?

Why are men so lost?

Participate in discussions of Masculinity and politics, social policy, and economic life. Explore Masculinity in education and community connection. Join groups for intimate sharing of personal experiences around Masculinity. 

Open to all, regardless of pronouns, gender, sexual preference, race, age, ethnicity, etc.



Enroll in a year long journey on the Arc of Masculinity:

Initiation, Embodiment and Connection.

Three trainings, weekly meetings, study, and tutorials all led by profoundly experienced and qualified men. 

It will be your most dangerous physical, emotional and spiritual challenge.  



The core of masculinity does not derive from being male,
nor friendliness from those who console.

Your old grandmother says,

“Maybe you shouldn’t go to school. You look a little pale.”

Run when you hear that.
A father’s stern slaps are better.

Your bodily soul wants comforting.
The severe father wants spiritual clarity.

He scolds but eventually leads you into the open.

Pray for a tough instructor to hear and act and stay within you.

We have been busy accumulating solace. Make us afraid of how we were.

Menswork Institute stands against abuse of every kind!

meet michael greenwald

Michael Greenwald has been involved in menswork for almost four decades. He is one of the founders of the New Warrior Network, now known as the ManKind Project.

Michael has led hundreds of trainings and worked with thousands of men, facilitating their exploration of their own Masculinity. He has helped them find deeper connection with heart, soul, and destiny. 

Over the past decade, Menswork Institute has developed powerful, far-reaching programs for men that incorporate initiation, embodiment, quantum science, and spirituality. Over that time, it has become clear that Menswork offers answers to the threats facing humanity.



For a male, the journey to maturity starts with separation from the Feminine. In the womb, a boy's experience, emotions, and physiology become entangled with the Feminine. After birth, the Feminine, Mother, provides nurturance and nutrition, security and safety. The reflection in Mother’s eyes is a source of the boy’s identity. Her approval and disapproval shape his sense of self and self-esteem. This entanglement influences the male’s existence forever, unless he is initiated. Initiation wounds and tests the boy; pushes him beyond his self-imposed limitations; teaches him to survive without Mother. He finds he can be nourished and nurtured by men. He discovers his power to be safe and secure in himself. Initiation connects the boy to his soul in the Archetypal Masculine. 


With proper training and mentoring, the maturing male’s body integrates physically and emotionally with his mind and spirit. He lives, feels, thinks and acts with and through his whole self. He learns what “feelings” are and how they can be managed. He discovers the power intrinsic in his flesh and to listen to his body's whole truth. He comes to trust himself. His heart joins his brain as the being’s Central Processing Unit. He senses that his existence is somehow inter-connected with the world outside of himself. He discovers his "true self." He becomes present to his intuition and to energy beyond his conscious awareness. Empowered, aware, connected and integrated, the male is open to discover his own Feminine. He is ready to reconnect with her, and also with real women, in respect, compassion, empathy and love.

quantum connection

Quantum physics is shattering our "reality." At the quantum level, solid matter is nothing but strings or loops of energy that pop into and out of existence in our universe. "Reality" is really only a probability.

Human awareness determines which probabilities become "Reality." With exposure, training and discipline, the growing man journeys into the mystery of quantum physics and the mystical truths of non- materiality, non-duality, and non-locality. With conscious mindfulness, he finds his soul connected beyond our space/time. His soul joins the cosmic merging of form and thought, the universal sharing of idea and sensation.

Pursuing this newfound path. he will find the purpose of his life. Pursuing  purpose can make the cosmos whole.


The Archetype of Masculinity is the foundation of any exploration of contemporary manhood. It resides in the Collective Unconscious of Humanity. It is the eternal, primordial and universal constellation of the fundamental images, paradigms, models and patterns of Masculinity. It comprises energies, traits and characteristics of masculinity that transcend cultural and social constructions of what it means to be a male. What any "man" is depends on how he connects with and manifests Archetypal Masculinity. It is not about how he behaves or speaks. Rather, it is about the energy that inhabits him, how he comprehends that energy, and how he manifests that energy in the world. 

Archetypal Masculinity is pro-feminist and stewards and supports the efforts of women toward ever greater freedom, opportunity, security, self expression, and achievement.

Menswork Institute holds that all humans are innately imbued with Archetypal Masculine and Archetypal Feminine energies that manifest in endless variety and combination. We accept and recognize LGBTQIA+ constructs, and a non-binary or a fluid construct of gender. At the same time, Menswork Institute's mission and primary programs explore and engage the unique energies and traits of Masculine and Feminine archetypes.

Many men feel disempowered, discounted and frustrated in their day-to-day lives. Some men feel ashamed of being a man. Some men judge masculinity to be toxic. Mostly they're unclear about why they feel this way. Often they blame women for not supporting them emotionally. In fact, the cause lies within. Consultation and guidance may help men connect with and incorporate mature Archetypal Masculinity as a source of powerful well- being and effectiveness.