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The Quantum Man ™️ Membership is targeted particularly, but not exclusively, for men. The goal is to stimulate people to explore, and share openly, thoughts and feelings about Masculinity in a space that is safe, non-judgmental, and inclusive. 

All are welcome!                    

Michael Greenwald has been involved in menswork for more than three decades. He has led hundreds of trainings and worked with thousands of men. He also has studied how initiatory processes in many cultures have made boys into men. Menswork Institute has developed the Arc of Masculinity as a theory and as a program to address the absence of Archetypal Masculinity in Western culture. Drawing from psychology, psychoanalytic theory and practice, behavioral science, neuroscience, bio-energetics, anthropology, myth, mysticism, spirituality and quantum science, the Arc of Masculinity and the Quantum Man™ Experience offer an expanded and advanced platform for understanding and reclaiming masculinity in the 21st Century. 

Membership in Menswork Institute provides a path beginning with individual consultation, leading to group interactions. Immersion in the year-long Quantum Man™ Experience frees the man from the Mother Complex and offers transformation from "boyhood" to powerful and functional Mature Masculinity.

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*Access to articles, research & blog

*Discounts on 1 on 1 Consultations with Michael

*Access to the Zoom replays.


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*Invitation to participate in Conversations About Masculinity that take place on Zoom.  


*Conversation Level access plus

*One consultation a month on zoom for a more in-depth dive into your personal journey.

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