We are all created of the same residue of the Big Bang, stardust – “and we got to get ourselves back to the Garden.” -- Joni Mitchell


Menswork Institute holds that all humans are innately imbued with Archetypal Masculine and Archetypal Feminine energies that manifest in endless variety and combination. We accept and recognize LGBTQIA+ constructs, and a non-binary or a fluid construct of gender. 

At the same time, Menswork Institute's mission and primary programs explore and engage the unique energies and traits of Masculine and Feminine archetypes.Menswork Institute’s experience is that males are surrounded by and entangled with the Archetypal Feminine from a few weeks after conception until they are separated from that energy through a conscious initiatory experience. Separation from the Archetypal Feminine allows the male to connect with the Archetypal Masculine and to mature independent of the longing and fear — the love/hate relationship with the Feminine — that perpetuate immaturity long into chronological adulthood. 

Separation empowers the male to reconnect intentionally with and embrace the Archetypal Feminine and partners in the real world in true, mature interdependence. For those strongly aligned with a non-binary philosophy, or who identify as LGBTQUIA+, it may seem offensive, absurd, or at least very weird, to focus programs about “Masculinity." For Menswork Institute, the validity of Non-Binarism and LGBTQUIA+, as authentic ways of living in the world is simple truth. Menswork Institute does not try to “convert” Nonbinary people to Binarism and does not exclude Non-Binary or gender fluid people from programs. By the same token, Menswork Institute does not try to "convert" and does not exclude from programs males who are LGBTQUIA+. 

Everyone is welcome to sign up for Consultation about Masculinity. Conversations about Masculinity offers groups that are available to all who want to explore Archetypal Masculinity in their lives, in society and in the world. In recognition that vulnerability and authenticity require trust and safety, it also offers separate groups that are available to those who identify as straight males only, those who identify as LGBTQIA+ males, those who identify as males only, and those who identify as fluid and non-binary males only as well as combinations of identifications. 

Some Conversations about Masculinity will be open to females only with the same boundaries, diverse identifications and combinations. 


The Quantum Man™ Experience is Binary-based and open exclusively to those who identify as males who want to transform their being through: 

• A modern initiatory process of separation from the energy of the Archetypal Feminine, connection with the Archetypal Masculine and mature reconnection with the Archetypal Feminine;


• Rigorous exploration of the truth and integrity that are manifest in the body, and conscious connection with the body’s unlimited insight and strength; and


•Discovery and embrace of the quantum connection with the wisdom, power, and compassion of the universe, all of which point the way to the reason a soul is here, on earth, in this timespace.